Ritoban Mukherjee

SaaS Marketer and Content Journalist

I'm Ritoban. Until 2018, I used to work as a freelance journalist for publishing brands like Quartz, Gizmodo, Medium, and Future, PLC. I got to work on some cool stories, like the ethical concerns of land-based octopus farming, and the conservationists using genetic sequencing to revive endangered parrots.

Then... reality happened. News publications have always struggled with funding, but the pandemic made it worse. Lots of good journalists lost their jobs and many outlets stopped hiring freelancers altogether.

That’s when I decided to go back to my roots as a content marketer. I used my experience as a journalist working with tech startups and software companies and turned it into a strategy to help them grow.

I’ve since worked with clients like Superhuman, Glide Apps, 7pace, PopMenu, Datanyze, CoPilot AI, and several others — as a marketing writer as well as a content strategist. I have a record for getting actionable results that translate to actual growth for your startup. It’s about more than just writing the next blog post. Let’s use content to propel your business goals.

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© 2023-24. Ritoban Mukherjee.

© 2023-24. Ritoban Mukherjee.

© 2023-24. Ritoban Mukherjee.